Mildred L. Grant, Senior Pastor

Sammy W. Lacey Jr., Assistant Pastor

Dr. Larry B. Grant, Administrator

Brenda Cunningham, Assistant Administrator

Cleola Palmore, General Secretary

Marian B. Jackson, Financial Secretary

Jesse D. Smith, Treasurer/Deacon Board

Jelvonia Wilson, Assistant Treasurer

Camille Harris, Capital Campaign

Michelle Cunningham, Scholarship Fund

Michael Cunningham, Usher Board

Linda Lacey, Mother’s Board

Lagora Wilson-Vilo, Deaconess Board

Jesse D. Smith, Sunday School

LaVondra Lacey, Culinary Ministry

Jelvonia Wilson, Hospitality Ministry

Linda Papillon, Communications Ministry

Dr. Larry B. Grant, Bible Scholars

Pierre Papillon, Brotherhood Ministry

Freddie Porter, Music/Home Touch Ministry

Camille Harris, Youth Ministry

Cleola Palmore, Bereavement Ministry

Linda Lacey, Benevolent Ministry

Charlie Fair, Prayer Ministry

Brenda Cunningham, Prison Ministry

Tiffany Stevenson, Prison Ministry

Jesse D. Smith, Board Chairman

Mildred L. Grant, President

Sammy W. Lacey Jr., Vice President

Linda D. Papillon, Secretary

Lawrence Colar, Director

Brenda Cunningham, Director

Michael Cunningham, Director

Charlie Fair, Director

Dr. Larry B. Grant, Director

Linda Lacey, Director

Pierre Papillon, Director

Mildred L. Grant is senior pastor of Revival Center Church, a 501(c)3 nonprofit religious organization dedicated to worldwide Christian leadership—changing ordinary people into extraordinary leaders of tomorrow.

In an effort to pursue her higher calling to dedicated Christian service through full-time ministry, Mildred L. Grant retired from the Chicago Public School System in 2002 where she served for twenty-nine years as an elementary teacher, guidance counselor, and assistant principal.

Mildred is a graduate of the Chicago Teacher’s College, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Education and her Masters degree in Guidance and Counseling from Chicago State University. Read more.

Churches often measure their success in terms of souls brought to Christ. Revival Center finds its reward in the impact its members make on society because of Christ. As a result, ordinary people can become extraordinary leaders in helping communities, owning businesses, and shaping society. Read more.

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