Our Academic Scholarship Fund encourages recipients from preschool to postgraduate to excel academically by offering quarterly monetary awards to students with excellent achievement. At our Annual Awards Day ceremony, for example, students with the highest grade point average in elementary, high school and college are honored. We also provide assistance twice a year by purchasing books for college students and school supplies for non-college students.

Envisaged as a public-private initiative involving governmental and business support, the Economic Development Center (EDC) would serve as a valuable catalyst for bringing people together to provide necessary life skills to disadvantaged young women. Programs would include parenting skills, pregnancy counseling, computer literacy classes, financial training, GED, and job training opportunities.

From 4400 South Saint Lawrence Avenue to our current home at 858 West 87th Street, Revival Center Church is continuing to realize its mission, while expanding its programs and its facility.

Over time, the demands for our programs have increased—exceeding the capacity to serve our constituents. In 2008, the opportunity arose to buy additional space next to the Church.




In life, most people need some kind of support, whether it is physical, financial, or spiritual. Maybe you were given a scholarship that made the dream of college possible. Or, perhaps, you or a loved one benefited from a specific program or service.

During life’s struggles, we are often reminded that more must be done to continue such programs. We wish more funding were available, but the reality is that charitable organizations such as ours need sustained financial support from people like you to continue our great work.

Revival Center Church has a rich heritage of changing ordinary people into extraordinary leaders of tomorrow. The price of assistance, however, is growing rapidly. Your gift will help ensure that when tomorrow’s need arises, assistance is available. Give today!

What better way to spread the word about Revival Center Church and share pride in being part of it than on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more great gift ideas. Support the Church and its programs by making a purchase today. Give now!

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